Sunday Service

A great way to end the week. After a long week with loads of work it was nice to just chill and hangout with good peoples. Roamed around Løkka with the homie Sveholm, who I hadn't met for the longest time. He used to play in the Karpe Diem band, but he had to stop a while ago. Very nice to catch up with the legend. After that I kept roaming around and bumped into more good peoples.

 photo _DSC5237_zpsyxxl8cb3.jpg
 photo _DSC5251_zpsa72xwzs9.jpg
The legend Sve.

 photo _DSC5325_zpsipnllxmf.jpg
They see her rollin'.

 photo _DSC5342_zpsh1rphlbx.jpg
 photo _DSC5348_zpseqlly7jm.jpg
Kostas and AgentBird of Lunsjklubben.

 photo _DSC5356_zpsskm7l1tl.jpg
Chuck of Løkka.

 photo _DSC5358_zpsxnsvwtsp.jpg
The king of Løkka. Bones!

 photo _DSC5223_zpsmiu1utsw.jpg
Per and Marleeeeey! Boey's finest!

Had to get back home and pick up my stuff before heading out to band practice hehe. It was nice to see the guys again, it had been two weeks since the last gig. However, all systems are good, and were ready for Saturdays big gig in Oslo. Go team Kærpet!

 photo _DSC5374_zpswepvgsnt.jpg
ESHM the teacher haha.

 photo _DSC5385_zpshollckif.jpg

 photo _DSC5529_zpsjueoqswy.jpg

 photo _DSC5541_zpshfhzzbo2.jpg
Its been a legendary ride.

 photo _DSC5564_zps5hozyabt.jpg
 photo _DSC5571_zpss557ya2z.jpg
Congrats on becoming a father. You got this! You already know the first born son had to get some J's from uncle Mike!

After practice I met up with Tobie and Cy to eat a late dinner. Grytelokkeeeeeet!

 photo _DSC5591_zpsq1xptpfb.jpg
Muahaha. Burger dinner with kebab on the side.. hah.

 photo _DSC5597_zpsyrwv4dx1.jpg
 photo _DSC5602_zps182osjs3.jpg

 photo _DSC5605_zpsfac0oge1.jpg
 photo _DSC5610_zpsffivpxoh.jpg
 photo _DSC5612_zpsvfcemdpz.jpg
7th heaven.

 photo _DSC5616_zpsbxnpipyu.jpg
 photo _DSC5619_zps36tkczq8.jpg
Nike Boyz.

 photo _DSC5620_zpsllmxnril.jpg
Cozy boyz for life.

Ended the night with some HBO and tomato soup. Hah. S/o bad for hooking it up.

 photo _DSC5630_zpsed0pbft8.jpg
Haha. hypebeast.

Thanks to everyone for a good week. This week has been nice as well.. so far. Let's keep it that way! Big things coming up!

Lars Vaular @ Øyafestivalen 2017

 photo _DSC4716 copy_zpsoy3lre3i.jpg
Lars Vaular, Oslo 2017

CPH day II

Yes, here are some more pictures from the CPH trip. Haha a couple more pictures from the first night shenanigans.

 photo _DSC0515_zpsh6lckwai.jpg
Haha. Best picture. (just messing around though)

 photo _DSC0539_zps0avqxtu3.jpg
Here is our stoop.

The day after was awesome as well. The weather was on point, and today we just went with the flow. Karen took me to see some shows around in CPH. Pretty cool. I liked the Astrid Andersen show, and that other brand. Can't remember what it was called, Martin Asbjørn I believe. We also had some time to check out all the street wear stores. Norse, Naked, Storm, WoodWood, Han, Street Machine etc etc. Didn't shop anything, but its nice to see what they carry and people watch. Hehe. Other than that we had a very nice dinner at this spot that specialised in Southern cooking. Very very nice, Alabama Social. And then we met up with good folks and checked out the WOODWOOD anniversary party and the Caliroots get together. And you already know I had to end my trip with a pitstop at KFC... haha.

 photo _DSC0541_zpstptmquqb.jpg

 photo _DSC0593_zpsblzpih5s.jpg
Copenhagen got architecture on lock.

 photo _DSC0596_zpshwzwvt6u.jpg
Sick Norse hat.

 photo _DSC0598_zpskyar5djf.jpg
A must check for girls.

 photo _DSC0603_zpstuz1o5pu.jpg
S/O the homies. Persona Non Grata for life.

 photo _DSC0604_zpscsb0mzab.jpg
O.G store.

 photo _DSC0614_zpsyjkldtdf.jpg
Chilling at Storm.

 photo _DSC0627_zpsphqb2unk.jpg
The best.

 photo _DSC0631_zpsybvisz7b.jpg
 photo _DSC0642_zpsxtsbhihc.jpg
Mø for Astrid Andersen.

 photo _DSC0673_zpsxisxacbq.jpg
Kick game real. Space Jam x Supreme AM98.

 photo _DSC0675_zpsy8fh0ayu.jpg
Starters. Oueff.

 photo _DSC0694_zpsgdj9tzor.jpg

 photo _DSC0708_zpsqnem6va0.jpg
His and hers. Hahah.

 photo _DSC0715_zpsiok9kkz9.jpg
 photo _DSC0718_zpsskpnnewi.jpg

 photo _DSC0723_zpsrh2elgoq.jpg

 photo _DSC0725_zpsd9kdmkf0.jpg
 photo _DSC0726_zpsfgzrc5sh.jpg

 photo _DSC0732_zpsvscfu23c.jpg
The good people of Standard Agency!

 photo _DSC0742_zpsist2i5vp.jpg
What is he looking at?

 photo _DSC0745_zpskyuwhmxe.jpg
...the cellphone people.. haha. You already know I'm guilty myself.

 photo _DSC0747_zpshti1oks0.jpg

 photo _DSC0753_zps1szjgyhb.jpg
The legendary ThirdCultureKid Minister. Babak! Nice bumping into you sir!

 photo _DSC0783_zpslizznvch.jpg
Lady in red.

 photo _DSC0813_zpssibngoxk.jpg
 photo _DSC0817_zpsvliwbhem.jpg
I win. S/O Stæger.

CPH trip accomplished with flying colours. Thanks babe for taking me!